How To Awake The Divine Masculine Energy Within

In the modern age, there is a rising movement of awakening, particularly in the realms of self-awareness, spirituality and relationships. All around us we see a crisis of masculinity underway. Men are increasingly confused around how to show up in the world as a man these days. Divine masculine energy can be seen as a guiding principle with which men can learn to orient themselves. But what is the Divine Masculine, and how can men use this understanding to foster better relationships and cultivate conscious masculinity?


Understanding The Divine Masculine.

The Divine Masculine represents the best and highest aspects of masculine qualities, such as strength, wisdom, protection, and stability. Unlike the toxic masculine stereotypes we often encounter—domination, aggression, emotional suppression—the Divine Masculine is a force of benevolence, clarity, and proactive action. It balances the nurturing and receptive qualities of the Divine Feminine by integrating them rather than judging or suppressing them.

By embracing the divine masculine energy men can unlock a compass with which to navigate the world and modern relationships. Personally as a man who struggled for most of his life to understand how to be authentically masculine, I have found the divine masculine principles to be incredible tools for my own growth.

Not only has it helped me to heal many of my wounds and insecurities, but it has also allowed me to create a deeply healthy love relationship. Once I started to use the qualities of the divine masculine to orient myself and my work of personal growth and development I was able to start closing the gap between the man that I was and the man I wanted to become.

In this article, I will aim to share some of my key insights and perspectives in the hope that it helps you to develop yourself and harmonise your relationships too.

Understanding the divine masculine in relationships

The Divine Masculine In A Nutshell

The modern world is rife with examples of masculinity gone awry. Men are often pigeonholed into roles that diminish their depth and complexity. There’s a misbelief that “real men” don’t cry, express emotions, or exhibit vulnerability. Such a limited perspective has stifled men’s growth and led to disconnects in relationships.

Awakening the Divine Masculine is not about suppressing masculinity; it’s about refining and elevating it. It’s about becoming men who can be firm yet kind, confident yet humble, strong yet compassionate.

The Historical Perspective

Throughout human history, the concept of masculinity has been shaped, reshaped, celebrated, and even misunderstood. Let’s take a journey through time to unravel how the idea of the Divine Masculine has evolved and how various cultures have given it their unique interpretation.

Masculinity Across the Ages

From the earliest civilizations, masculinity was often equated with power, strength, and leadership. The ancients looked to the skies and saw gods like Zeus in Greek mythology, known for his dominance and strength, or Ra in Egyptian lore, the Sun God, embodying light and leadership. In these figures, one can observe early threads of the Divine Masculine – representing the protector, provider, and leader.

As societies transitioned from hunters and gatherers to settled agrarian communities, the role of men evolved. They became the guardians of their land, the protectors of their families, and the decision-makers in their communities. This wasn’t just about physical strength; it was about wisdom, vision, and foresight – all elements of the Divine Masculine.

The Medieval and Renaissance periods in Europe presented a more chivalric view of masculinity. The ideals of honor, service, and respect, especially towards women, became paramount. Here, the Divine Masculine was seen in the knight’s code – protecting the weak, serving the community, and acting with honor.

Cultural Perspectives on the Divine Masculine

Different cultures around the world have their unique perspectives on the Divine Masculine, each as rich and intricate as the other.

Hinduism: The concept of the Divine Masculine is beautifully portrayed through deities like Lord Shiva, who, beyond his formidable power, is also the cosmic dancer, representing creation and destruction cyclical nature. He is also part of the Ardhanarishvara’ – a divine form that merges both masculine and feminine energies, highlighting balance and unity.

African Tribes: Many African tribes have revered the Divine Masculine through ancestral worship. The ancestors, predominantly male figures, were seen as guides and protectors, offering wisdom to the living.

Native American Cultures: In various tribes, men were not just warriors but also shamans and healers. Their strength was not gauged just by their ability to hunt or go to battle but by their wisdom, their connection to the spiritual world, and their roles as caregivers in their communities.

East Asian Philosophies: In Taoism, the Divine Masculine is represented by the Yang – an active, positive force that complements the Yin, the receptive feminine energy. Together, they depict the universe’s natural balance and harmony.

In essence, while the external expressions of masculinity have changed over time and across cultures, the core values of the Divine Masculine remain steady: wisdom, strength, protection, and balance. Recognising and understanding this historical context provides a richer appreciation of the depth and diversity of masculine expression and its divine essence.

What is the divine masculine?

The Modern Masculine Dilemma

You have to admit, it’s not easy for men in today’s rapidly evolving social landscape. We find ourselves facing the modern masculine dilemma, as I like to call it. The conundrum that men face in understanding what it means to be a man in the world today.

The Shifting Terrain of Societal Roles and Expectations

Gone are the days when a man’s worth was determined solely by his ability to provide and protect. While these attributes remain valuable, the canvas of masculinity has broadened and become much more nuanced. 

Modern men, rather than being confined to rigid boxes of the past, are now expected to be emotionally available, collaborative, and adaptable. As women rightfully challenge and redefine their roles in society, the impact on masculine identity is inevitable. This transition, while liberating, has also led to an inner tumult in many men, struggling to find their bearings in this new world order.

Lost in the Digital Maze: The Challenges of Superficial Connections

In an era where connections can be formed with a simple click or swipe, the depth and authenticity of relationships often come into question. The digital world, with its plethora of platforms, while offering unprecedented ways to connect, also inadvertently fosters superficiality. 

Men, like everyone else, are not immune to the seductive allure of digital relationships, where interactions are sometimes reduced to fleeting texts, likes, and emojis. Not to mention the seductive archives of pornographic material, who’s tendrils are just the click of a button away.

The profound Modern Challenge lies in discerning genuine connection amidst this vast virtual expanse and nurturing those relationships that actually resonate with authenticity.

As a man who was deeply addicted to porn and underwent the painful process of unplugging myself after it destroyed one of my long term relationships, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

Unmasking the “Real Man”: The Struggle with Emotional Suppression

For generations, men have been conditioned to believe in a singular, stoic image of masculinity. The myth of the “real man” – unaffected by emotions, always in control, and perpetually resilient – has been deeply etched into the male psyche. 

This narrative, while aiming to celebrate strength, often results in emotional suppression. Many men find themselves trapped, unable to express vulnerability, fear, or sadness, lest they be perceived as “weak.” Perhaps you can relate??

However, the journey towards conscious masculinity demands a shift from this limiting paradigm. Recognising, embracing, and expressing one’s emotions is not a sign of weakness but rather an indicator of depth, self-awareness, and authenticity. Emotions are the language of the soul; they hold the key to deeper connections, both with oneself and others.

To address the Modern Masculine Dilemma, it is imperative for men to embark on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. By challenging outdated norms, embracing genuine connections beyond the digital veil, and liberating emotions from societal shackles, men can transcend the confines of this dilemma. 

In doing so, they pave the way for a more conscious, authentic, and enriched expression of masculinity, benefiting not just themselves, but society at large.

Steps to Awakening the Divine Masculinity Within

For men keen on nurturing better relationships and fostering conscious masculinity, recognizing and embracing the Divine Masculine energy is essential. Here are some actionable steps to facilitate this awakening:

      1. Self-awareness and Introspection:

        Dedicate time for meditation, journaling, or reflective practices. Understanding oneself is the first step towards personal evolution.

        1. Embrace Vulnerability:

          Break the chains of societal expectations. It’s okay to express emotions and seek help when needed.

          1. Educate Yourself:

            Dive deep into books, workshops, or sessions focused on conscious masculinity and relational growth.

            1. Engage in Deep Conversations:

              Forge connections with like-minded men or join support groups. Sharing experiences and insights can be enlightening.

              1. Balance Energy:

                Understand the interplay between the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies within. Neither is superior, and both are crucial for holistic growth.

                1. Practice Active Listening:

                  A key aspect of building better relationships is to listen without judgement or immediate reactions.

                  1. Be Present:

                    In this digital age, genuine presence—be it in personal interactions or moments of solitude—is a treasured gift. It nurtures connections and self-awareness.

                How to awaken the divine masculine

                The Positive Impacts of Embracing Divine Masculinity

                When a man starts to embrace the path of the divine masculine, he opens the doorways to a heightened experience of life. As he starts to resonate with a much more pure, elevated and idealistic notion of masculinity he will clearly notice major shifts and transformations in his relationships with people.

                His sense of self worth will amplify enormously as he builds his character and confidence not from his material possessions or the adulation of others, but from a deeply rooted sense of self.

                This inner wealth will begin to radiate outwards and impact the world around him and this leads to an effortless contribution to society and others.

                Not only this, but his path will merge with other beings who are also in resonance with these archetypal ideals and this will lead to profound momentum and deeply meaningful events taking place in his life.

                A man connected to the divine masculine sees his highest purpose as serving the greatest good he can conceive of. This fosters a deep desire to help people and support the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

                Overcoming Obstacles: The Road to Authentic Masculinity

                Masculinity, in its archetypal form, is a multifaceted gem, shimmering with the myriad colours of strength, vulnerability, passion, and empathy. However, over the years, societal constructs have shrouded it in layers of myths and misinterpretations. For men today, the challenge lies in shedding these layers to reveal and embrace their authentic self. This journey is not without its obstacles, but with the right mindset, support, and recognition of progress, the path becomes not just manageable, but profoundly rewarding.

                1. Debunking Myths: Unmasking True Masculinity

                Myths about masculinity are like old chains, binding men to archaic perceptions and stifling their growth. My job as a conscious masculinity coach is helping you break free. So let’s break down some of the biggest myths men are conditioned with.

                Myth: Men shouldn’t display emotion & emotions make you weak.

                Truth: Emotions are the language of the soul, universal and ungendered. They enrich our experiences and deepen our connections. Emotions rule your life, not logic as many of us like to believe. So turning towards what you feel actually makes you stronger, more authentic and connected to the truth of every moment.

                Myth: A man’s worth is determined by his ability to provide.

                Truth: While providing for loved ones is a noble masculine quality, a man’s true worth lies in his character, values, and the depth of his relationships. Women are able to take care of themselves these days for the most part. So they now look towards a man for the deeper qualities he has to offer. 

                I’ve worked with many men who were excellent providers and yet still got divorced by their wife. Women also need things like deep emotional intimacy, mutual growth and safety in order for a relationship to truly flourish.

                Myth: Real masculinity is synonymous with physical dominance.

                Truth: Authentic masculinity celebrates mental strength, resilience, and emotional intelligence as much as physical prowess. The superior virtue being in the combination and balance of all these qualities.

                It’s a mistake to think that dominance in any form is the best path a man should walk. In studying history we can see that this approach does not lead towards the ultimate fulfilment.

                Myth: Being vulnerable with women will make them less attracted or not respect you.

                Truth: Women deeply appreciate a man who has the courage to be vulnerable and reveal his true feelings. The key here is making sure that vulnerability is backed by other grounded and mature masculine qualities.

                In this way she can see that your vulnerability is not a sign of weakness because it’s balanced by a deep and resilient approach towards life and relationships.

                It’s worth reflecting deeply on the assumptions that you hold about masculinity and challenging or debunking them under the light of conscious masculinity and its principles. Like this we can clear our path for a richer, more fulfilling expression of manhood.

                What the divine masculine looks like

                2. Embrace Support in the Face of Resistance

                Resistance is a loyal companion on the journey to self-awareness. It can arise from within, stemming from internalised beliefs, or externally, from peers or societal norms. When confusion clouds the vision, remember:

                You are not alone.

                Lean on the pillars of support around you – be it in the form of therapy, conscious masculinity groups, mentors, coaches or trusted loved ones. 

                Their wisdom, shared experiences, and encouragement can light your way, helping you discern truth from illusion and strengthen your commitment to personal growth.

                Personally I’ve found this to be a difficult one to embrace because I’ve often preferred to be the lone wolf. Internalizing my struggles and rejecting the idea of asking for help or admitting my major struggles.

                Men’s groups have been an amazing source of support in this direction, because they have given me a space to reveal my struggles with brothers who are often experiencing the same issues and the same pain.

                3. Revel in Your Journey: Celebrating Small Victories

                For me, the transformative path towards authentic masculinity isn’t marked solely by monumental milestones. It’s the small, seemingly inconsequential moments that truly shape the journey. Every limiting belief challenged, every moment of vulnerability embraced, and every push against resistance is a testament to your growth.

                These small victories are the silent, powerful affirmations of your character  evolving. Celebrate them. By doing so, you not only acknowledge your progress but also fuel your spirit for the journey ahead.

                In the quest to overcome obstacles and embrace the divine masculine, the path is clear: Challenge and debunk myths, build and lean on the support systems around you, and cherish every step, however small. By doing so, you’re not just rediscovering masculinity for yourself, but also illuminating the path for others on the same journey.

                Real-life Stories & Examples of The Divine Masculine 

                I like to observe the divine masculine at play and manifested in popular culture and especially in books and film. This is often where we get to see archetypal displays of conscious masculinity at its finest.

                Some prime examples in my opinion are 

                    • Jaime from Outlander: Who exemplifies a wide array of divine masculine qualities. From devoted love, to fierce loyalty and exemplary leadership. His courage in the face of adversity and commitment to his principles is an absolute joy to behold. My lover is a major fan of the show and was often swooning over this man. Eventually my curiosity outweighed my pride and I started the show. I’m glad I did because I’ve learned a great many things from the masculine state this man embodies.

                      • The Story of King Arthur: In literature, King Arthur’s quest for the Holy Grail is often seen as a symbolic journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. His leadership, based on justice, chivalry, and honor, embodies aspects of the divine masculine. It also represents quite beautifully the archetypal journey in life called ‘The highest hero’s journey’

                    Figures from the real world who’s lives we can study and find inspiration from include.

                        • Mahatma Gandhi: Embodying the principles of non-violence (ahimsa) and truth (satya), Gandhi led India to independence through peaceful civil disobedience. Despite facing immense opposition and violence, he remained steadfast in his belief in peace and non-violence, illustrating strength not through physical might, but through moral conviction and compassion.

                          • Martin Luther King Jr.: An advocate for civil rights, King showcased masculine strength through his dedication to justice, equality, and non-violent resistance. His dream wasn’t just for a better future for his children but for all children, reflecting a deep sense of compassion and care.

                            • Nelson Mandela: After spending 27 years in prison for fighting against apartheid, Mandela emerged without bitterness and advocated for peace and reconciliation. His ability to forgive and work towards unity exemplifies a divine masculine trait of transcending ego and working for the greater good.

                              • The Buddha: Siddhartha Gautama’s journey from a sheltered prince to the enlightened Buddha is a powerful tale of self-discovery, compassion, and enlightenment. He left a life of luxury in search of deeper truths, showcasing courage, perseverance, and profound wisdom—hallmarks of the divine masculine.

                                • Jesus Christ is often revered as the quintessential embodiment of the Divine Masculine. In His teachings and actions, He consistently showcased attributes that resonate deeply with the principles of conscious masculinity. Christ’s compassion for the less fortunate, his courage in the face of persecution, and his unwavering commitment to truth paired with profound empathy. Moreover, His willingness to sacrifice and his teachings on forgiveness highlight a masculinity that transcends ego, embraces vulnerability, and is anchored in unconditional love. Through His life, Jesus offers a truly timeless model of the harmonious balance between strength and gentleness, making him a beacon for the Divine Masculine.

                              The divine masculine in real life

                              All these examples are worth reflecting on deeply and wherever possible we as men can draw strength and inspiration from the archetypal figures who have paved the path ahead of us.

                              Personally I like to put myself in resonance with these high ideals and the characters who have developed the highest qualities and traits that men may possess.

                              It helps me to orient myself towards something superior and puts the struggles and worries I face on a daily basis in a much wider perspective. It often gives me the strength and determination to transform myself in the face of challenge instead of taking the easy road.


                              The journey to awakening the Divine Masculine is an ongoing process of self-discovery, growth, and evolution. For men wishing to cultivate better relationships and embody conscious masculinity, embracing this divinely inspired blueprint can be profoundly transformative. 

                              The divine masculine ideals are an invitation to step into a space of balance, wisdom, and true strength—a space where men can be their most authentic selves, forging connections rooted in authenticity, understanding, and love.

                              This path has brought incredible shifts and insights into my life and relationships and I have no doubt it will for you too

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