How To Fix A Relationship? 6 Ways for Men to Mend a Broken Bond

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship can feel like an uphill battle. Society conditions us to be the strong, silent types—shouldering pain and stress without uttering a word, seemingly impervious to emotions. But the truth is, we are emotional beings with a deep capacity for love, understanding, and connection. We too can take the initiative to fix and nurture our relationships, transcending traditional norms that equate vulnerability with weakness.

The quality of your relationships doesn’t just affect your happiness; it affects your health, your well-being, and your sense of self. When the bond you share with a partner starts to unravel, it’s natural to feel an array of emotions—from sadness and frustration to confusion and despair. It’s easy to point fingers or close ourselves off, but the path to resolution requires something different from us. It calls for introspection, openness, and actionable steps toward healing and connection.

In this blog, I’m going to share some insights and methods that I’ve personally found to be very effective for fixing relationship upsets and re-establishing trust and connection. We will delve into five practical ways that men can take the initiative, show up authentically, and cultivate a relationship that is based on respect, communication, and love.

1: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence: The Gateway To Deeper Intimacy

In the context of a relationship, self-awareness is the deep understanding of your own emotions, actions, and the effects they have on your partner. It is the first step towards positive change. 

How can you align with your partner if you’re not aligned with yourself? As men, we are often conditioned to suppress our emotions, which distances us from our authentic selves and, subsequently, our partners.

How to fix mistakes men make in relationships

Tips For Developing Self-Awareness

Practice Self Reflection: Take time each day to reflect on your actions, words, and feelings. Ask yourself: “How did I contribute to the situation at hand? What could I have done differently?”

Personally I’ve found journaling and time alone in contemplation to be extremely effective methods for gaining more clarity around what I think and feel. Which always makes it that much easier to take ownership and seek to repair from a more conscious place.

Seek Feedback: Have the courage to ask your partner how your actions make them feel. This can be a humbling experience, but it opens the door to empathy and deeper connection.

I used to be afraid to ask such questions, because I was afraid of criticism and my ability to handle it. It would often trigger my wounds, but once I learned that it often led to deeper insights and important truths it quickly started improving the quality of my relationship.

Mindfulness and Meditation: These practices centre you and give you the tools to respond thoughtfully, rather than react impulsively, in moments of stress or tension. When you understand yourself deeply and are aware of your own triggers and reactions, you can navigate conflicts in a way that fosters, rather than fractures, intimacy. 

This form of self-love and self-respect sets a foundation upon which a loving relationship can be built and sustained. I prioritize time with no demands, retreats and deep practice time so I can go deep and return to my relationship with renewed presence.

2: Embracing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is your ability to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions, while also being attuned to the emotions of others, in this case your partner. A man with high EI does not shy away from emotions, but rather sees them as a natural and informative part of the human experience.

A lot of men judge emotional intelligence as a feminine trait that’s better left to women, however when you realize that most of your decisions and behavior stem from our unconscious reactions to emotions, you begin to see the power in mastering them.

Women also deeply appreciate a man who is in touch with this part of himself and is able to create deep emotional intimacy. Without this capacity, a relationship will forever stay at the surface and flounder when things get more difficult.

To Enhance Emotional Intelligence:

Practice Active Listening: When your partner speaks, listen with your whole being. This isn’t just about hearing their words; it’s about understanding their feelings, needs, desires and opinions. Remember, people love to talk about themselves, it helps to process things that are going on in our lives or vent when things get challenging.

By doing this you actually create the space for her to feel deeply seen, felt and understood. This alone can reshape the entire dynamic of your relationship as often we are used to waiting for our turn to speak and in many ways subtly invalidate others feelings. If such patterns continue for too long, the relationship often falls apart.

Express Your Emotions Authentically: Instead of bottling up your feelings or expressing them aggressively, learn to communicate your emotions calmly and clearly. Use “I” statements to express how you feel and what you need.

It’s very common to fall into the trap of projecting our feelings onto others and start with “You…” This can raise their defenses and conflicts can quickly spiral out of control.

By taking ownership of what you feel and acknowledging that the other person likely had no intention of hurting you, while still being true to what you feel, this can create moments of deep connection and healing.

Develop Empathy: Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. Empathy is the bridge to understanding, and understanding is the foundation of a strong bond. Often easier said than done, however making the effort to develop this quality is actually a super power.

We spend most of our lives observing the world through our narrow point of view, so imagine the upgrade in perspective if you can learn to understand the world through others’ eyes.l

Women deeply appreciate a man who can actually empathize with what she’s feeling because this creates a deep feeling of safety. If you can truly feel her, you will truly take care of her, that’s how she’s thinking.

Manage Your Responses: Having high EI means that you can control your responses when you’re emotional. Before reacting, take a deep breath. Ask yourself, “Is my response going to bring us closer or push us further apart?”

By cultivating emotional intelligence, you are not just ‘fixing’ a relationship; you are elevating it. You are committing to a partnership where both individuals are seen, heard, and valued. You are modelling the strength that lies in vulnerability and emotional connection, challenging the old and outdated notions of what it means to ‘be a man’ in a relationship.

Embracing self-awareness and emotional intelligence isn’t about losing your identity as a man; it’s about expanding it. It is about acknowledging that we, as men, are not just providers or protectors, but partners in the truest sense of the word. When we engage with our self-awareness and emotional intelligence, we engage with our capacity to love deeply, to connect authentically, and to mend the bonds that mean the most to us.

3: Open and Honest Communication: The Heartbeat of a Relationship

In a society that often encourages men to be stoic and reserved, embracing open and honest communication can feel like uncharted territory. But this form of communication is the heartbeat of a relationship. It’s about speaking your truth, with kindness, respect, and love.

In doing so we are also inviting our partner to do the same. We all have a deep need for intimacy, connection and self expression. In order to get that deeply seated need met, we have to find and build the kind of relationships that allow for us to truly reveal who we are.

Semen retention and relationship troubles

To Foster Open and Honest Communication:

Be Vulnerable: It takes courage to express your feelings and fears openly, especially if you’ve been conditioned to see this as a sign of weakness. Recognize that vulnerability is, in fact, a sign of immense strength and the pathway to deeper intimacy.

I see a lot of men getting caught on this stage, as I myself did for many years. I was afraid that it would get used against me and that my partner wouldn’t find me attractive if I was too soft.

The key here is balancing that vulnerability with other grounded masculine qualities. This way the vulnerability is expressed from a deeply conscious place that will respond with integrity, no matter how the other person reacts to our vulnerable expression.

More times than not, our vulnerability will trigger an open hearted response from our beloved who yearns to connect with us in that place. I’ve lost count of the profound moments of connection and love that blossomed from deeply vulnerable sharing in my relationship.

Speak Clearly and Calmly: Express your thoughts without raising your voice or becoming defensive. Use “I” statements to express your feelings and to avoid sounding accusatory. For example, say “I felt hurt when…” instead of “You always…” or “You never”.

Where possible try to avoid using these kind of absolutist statements that pigeonhole the other person and make them instantly feel that their pain and yearning was not acknowledged.

Listen without Fixing: As men, we often want to solve problems immediately. But sometimes, your partner doesn’t want a solution, they want to be heard and validated. Practice just listening, without immediately jumping to a solution.

I’ve created content on my instagram that went massively viral because I shared that I was able to do this for my lover when she was upset. Women went wild in the comments and shared that they wished their man was able to do this too. Trust me, this is a big deal and worth focusing on.

Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage dialogue by asking your partner questions that require more than a yes or no answer. For example, “How did that experience make you feel?” or “What can I do to support you?”

Being genuinely curious about the answers and bookmarking them for later will indicate to your lover that her thoughts, feelings and needs are a priority to you. I actually make it a point to do this whenever I can because I know how it makes my lover feel and she always reacts with delight when I surprise her and reveal how attentive I was to what she expressed.

Be Honest, but Kind: Honesty doesn’t mean brutal or insensitive criticism. It means speaking the truth with love and respect. It’s possible to be candid without being hurtful.

Believe it or not, women actually admire this. They can sense when a man is holding stuff back and not speaking his mind. This actually undermines the trust in the relationship because she can sense a lack of truth which stems from the fear of being rejected or criticized.

How Open and Honest Communication Can Mend a Relationship:

Builds Trust: When you communicate openly and honestly, you are saying to your partner, “I trust you with my truth.” This act invites them to trust you in return, creating a secure foundation.

Without deep trust, there isn’t really a relationship. At least not the kind that I want to be in. Personally I want a person beside me with whom I can be completely myself and share all my deepest things with.

I go out of my way to share things that pull her deeper into my world and I’ve watched as she in turn invites me deeper into hers. It’s a beautiful thing to cultivate with the person you love the most.

Prevents Resentment: Regular and clear communication helps to address issues before they fester and turn into resentment. It’s like tending to a small wound before it becomes an infection.

I’ve had toxic relationships in the past that were killed by my resentments building inside me like cancer. I tolerated things that I shouldn’t have, I did things I didn’t want to do and eventually this eroded the love and left me full of resentment inside.

Now I’m hyper focussed on not making those mistakes again. I express my truth when I need to and don’t compromise the things that are aligned with the life I want to live. Sometimes you have to have difficult conversations, but in the long run, this serves the relationship.

Clarifies Misunderstandings: So many arguments are based on misunderstandings. Open communication allows both partners to express their perspectives, often revealing that the issue at hand was a simple miscommunication.

Especially in the digital age when we’re texting, things can easily get mixed and confused over messages as the emotional content is stripped away. Be vigilant and create clarity wherever possible. We all love clarity in our lives right?!

Fosters Emotional Safety: When both partners know that they can express themselves without fear of criticism or rejection, it creates an environment of emotional safety, which is essential for love to flourish.

This allows our core needs of safe attachment and authentic self expression to be met easily because we are constantly in an environment of safety. For me this is a top priority in my relationship, making sure she always feels safe, so we can truly relax and enjoy our life together.

4: Apologize and Forgive Authentically: The Healing Balm Of Relationships

In a culture where admitting wrong can be perceived as weakness, and where grudges can be held like shields, the acts of apologizing and forgiving authentically are revolutionary. Especially for men, who are often taught to avoid showing vulnerability, these acts are pivotal in the journey towards conscious masculinity and healthier relationships.

A well delivered, deeply empathetic and heartfelt apology can do wonders to defuse conflict and stop things from spiralling further into disconnection. Let’s look at some of the ingredients so your words land and have the desired effect.

how to fix the biggest mistakes men make in relationships

The Art of An Authentic Apology

Acknowledge and Own Your Actions: An authentic apology starts with acknowledging what you did wrong without excuses. Say, “I was wrong for…” instead of “I’m sorry you feel that way.”

By owning your side of the street, you make the first move towards repairing the situation. If done sincerely, this will often trigger the other person to reciprocate and own their part also.

Express Remorse: Let your partner know that you genuinely feel sorry for the hurt you’ve caused. This is where vulnerability comes in; allow yourself to feel and express your regret.

A lot of men are afraid to go here because it requires a degree of humbleness. You’ve got to have some emotional intelligence and self reflection to be able to truly feel this and let your heart speak truly.

Make Amends: Ask, “What can I do to make this right?” and then do it. An apology is not just words; it’s actions that show you are committed to preventing the same mistake in the future.

An apology without action is actually empty words and could even be seen as a form of emotional manipulation. Don’t be that guy. Develop integrity between your words and your actions and set things right.

Give it Time: Understand that an apology is a starting point, not an immediate solution. Your partner may need time to process and heal, and that’s okay.

Be comfortable with owning your shit and letting time and persistent action do the rest. This actually demonstrates that you meant what you said because you’re willing to walk that path until the end.

The Grace of Authentic Forgiveness

On the other side of an apology is forgiveness. We can often find ourselves on both sides and also need to learn to let go of the past, especially when the other person is making the necessary efforts to repair.

Remember: forgiveness is actually you letting go of the pain and resentment you’re holding onto. It’s much better to set yourself free from any grudges by deeply understanding both sides in any conflict and disconnect.

Let Go of the Need for Retribution: True forgiveness means releasing the desire for revenge or for the other person to hurt as much as you have. This is an unconscious approach that never leads to freedom.

If you’re hell bent on retribution, you’ll be trapped in a toxic cycle that only ends when the other person suffers. This is not the path to walk down and rather then seek to fight poison with poison, work to overcome those dark desires and seek deeper understanding instead.

Feel Your Pain, Communicate It, Then Release It: Pain is an important messenger within the human experience. Naturally we shy away from it, distract or numb ourselves to its sharp edges. Learning to turn towards your pain and feel it full ensures that it doesn’t get stuck in your system as trauma.

It’s important to express to your partner how their actions affected you. But once you decide to forgive, make the conscious choice to let go of that pain instead of holding it over your partner’s head. Feel it to heal it as I like to say. Once it’s fully felt, expressed and understood, move back into unity and connection.

Self-Forgiveness: Sometimes, we are our own harshest critics. If you were the one who made the mistake, forgiving yourself is just as important as receiving forgiveness from your partner.

At your core, you’re human and that means we tend to learn the deepest lessons from our biggest fuck ups. Start to accept your flaws, poor choices and mistakes. Without them you wouldn’t be who you are today.

How Apologizing and Forgiving Authentically Can Mend a Relationship

Restores Respect and Integrity: When you apologize sincerely, you are showing respect for your partner’s feelings and restoring your own integrity.

You’re also communicating your desire to grow and learn as a person and beyond that, as a team in the relationship.

Breaks the Cycle of Blame and Resentment: Authentic forgiveness halts the toxic cycle of blame and allows for a new narrative to begin—one of healing and growth.

Shame, blame and resentment hold no place in a healthy relationship, so make it a focus to address things as they come up and be truly open with your lover. Your relationship depends on it.

Facilitates Healing: A genuine apology and forgiveness can be profoundly healing. It’s like cleaning a wound so that it can finally begin to heal properly.

Like this the cycle can complete and your relationship will move to the next level, with new challenges and even greater gifts.

Strengthens Emotional Bonds: These acts show your partner that the relationship is more important to you than your ego, which will deepen your emotional connection.

When you give up on being ‘right’ and focus on mutual understanding, the relationship will become healthier and more nourishing than ever before.

Models a Healthy Relationship for Others

When you and your partner navigate conflicts with authentic apologies and forgiveness, you become role models for healthy, loving relationships to those around you.

As a conscious masculinity coach, I encourage men to view apologizing and forgiving not as signs of weakness, but as acts of profound strength and love. It is about choosing your relationship over your ego, choosing peace over being ‘right,’ and recognizing that in this sacred space of authentic apology and forgiveness, love is constantly forged stronger and deeper.

5: Rebuilding Trust Through Actions: The Cornerstone of a Renewed Relationship

Trust is the foundation upon which every strong relationship is built. When that trust is broken, it can feel like the ground has crumbled beneath us. For men conditioned to ‘move on’ or ‘let it go’ without addressing the issue, this section is an important reminder.

Trust is rebuilt in actions, not just words. As we embrace a more conscious masculinity, we recognize the power and responsibility we have to actively rebuild this trust with integrity and consistency.

I’ve broken the trust in my relationship multiple times and despite that we’ve been able to repair and take things deeper every single time. The most important thing was my intention and commitment to doing what was necessary to learn my lessons and rebuild the trust through consistent action.

how to fix a broken relationship

Steps to Rebuilding Trust Through Actions

Consistent Honesty: Make truth your default. Be honest in the small things, so your partner can trust you with the big things. Don’t overlook this step, because it’s effects will have far ranging impacts on the health of your relationship long term.

Transparency: Be an open book. Share your feelings, plans, and thoughts proactively, showing that you have nothing to hide. I make a point to never do anything I would need to hide and even offer my lover my phone if she’s feeling insecure. 

I demonstrate with small gestures that there is nothing for her to fear. Over time she has come to trust my open book policy and knows that I would never betray her.

Follow Through: When you say you will do something, do it. This is how reliability is proven and trust is re-earned. A conscious man has integrity between his words, actions and feelings. Don’t be the guy who’s word has no weight.Patiently Give Time: Understand that trust is rebuilt at the other person’s pace, not yours. Give your partner the time they need to heal without pressure.

Express Love and Affection Regularly: Show through your actions, not just your words, that you are committed and that your love is steadfast.

Seek Accountability: This could mean coaching or therapy, or it could mean being open to check-ins with your partner about your actions and decisions.

Apologize and Make Amends, as Necessary: We discussed the art of apology earlier; it remains relevant in the act of rebuilding trust. A true apology is a promise to change behavior, and trust is rebuilt when those changes are consistently observed over time.

How Rebuilding Trust Through Actions Can Mend a Relationship

Creates a Safe Space: When trust is rebuilt, it creates an environment where both partners feel secure and valued, a foundational aspect of any strong relationship.

Fosters Emotional Intimacy: Trust allows for vulnerability, which is the key to deep emotional connection.

Enables Conflict Resolution: With trust, conflicts become easier to navigate, as both partners believe in each other’s intentions and integrity.

Revitalizes Commitment: Trust reinforces the commitment that each partner has to the relationship, making it stronger and more resilient to future challenges.

Restores Self-Respect and Partner Respect: As you act in trustworthy ways, you not only rebuild your partner’s respect for you but also your respect for yourself.

I encourage men to understand that rebuilding trust is a journey of action, not just intent. It’s about showing up, every day, as the partner you aspire to be. Trustworthy, reliable, and loving. 

In consciously choosing to rebuild trust through our actions, we men are actively participating in the co-creation of a relationship that is stronger, deeper, and more fulfilling than before. We are proving that we are not just sorry for the past, but committed to a better future.

6: Investing Time and Effort: The Labour Of Love that Mends A Broken Bond

In our fast-paced world, where instant gratification is often the norm, the work of mending a broken bond in a relationship stands as a profound act of devotion. It requires more than words. It demands time and effort. 

As men striving towards conscious masculinity, we must accept and embrace that sustaining and healing a relationship is ongoing work, akin to tending a garden. It flourishes when we invest our care, attention, and love over time.

Steps to Investing Time and Effort

Be Present: Show up, not just physically but emotionally and mentally. Engage in conversations, listen actively, and show that you are fully there when you are with your partner.

Regularly Check-In: Establish a routine of checking in with your partner about their feelings and the state of your relationship. This could be a weekly conversation where you both share openly and honestly.

Plan Quality Time Together: Regular dates, or dedicated ‘us’ time, should not fade just because you’ve been together for a while. Keep romancing and courting your partner.

Actively Participate in Solutions: Whether it’s attending couples therapy, reading relationship books, or implementing new communication strategies—be an active part of the solution.

Small Acts of Love: Don’t underestimate the power of daily small acts of love, leaving a sweet note, a morning kiss, or a simple ‘I love you’ text in the middle of the day.

Apologize and Forgive as Needed: Healing is ongoing. Continue to own your actions and forgive your partner for theirs as you both grow and evolve.

Prioritize Your Partner’s Needs: Show through your actions that your partner’s happiness is as important to you as your own.

How Investing Time and Effort Can Mend a Relationship

Deepens Connection: Consistent time and effort cultivate intimacy and emotional depth, allowing you to truly know and understand each other.

Builds a Strong Partnership: Time and effort invested are the building blocks of a true partnership. You’re showing that you’re in this together, for the long haul.

Restores Trust: Regular, positive interactions over time, facilitated by your commitment, slowly but surely rebuild trust.

Creates Resilience: Relationships that have been through healing and growth are often stronger and more resilient to future challenges.

Fosters Mutual Appreciation: When both partners are investing in the relationship, it creates a cycle of gratitude and appreciation that can further strengthen your bond.

Remember: love is a verb, an action and like anything of value, it requires our commitment, time, and effort. Healing a broken bond isn’t about grand gestures; it’s about the consistent, daily dedication to showing up for your partner and for the relationship. 

It’s about proving, through actions, that you are committed to love, that you honor it, and that you are willing to work for its deepening over time. Let’s answer love’s call and prove that we understand the profound strength in being tender gardeners of love.

Conclusion: The Transformative Power of Conscious Masculinity in Repairing Broken Bonds

In a world that has often taught men to equate strength with stoicism and leadership with control, the path of conscious masculinity emerges as a profound and necessary evolution. It calls us to recognize that true strength is found in vulnerability, authentic leadership in partnership, and that genuine love thrives in the realm of deep respect and care.

Conscious masculinity is about being self-aware, emotionally intelligent, and communicative. It’s about the power of an authentic apology and the grace of genuine forgiveness. It’s about proving your trustworthiness through consistent action, and it’s about the dedicated time and effort required to nurture and repair a love that has been fractured.

It’s not just about fixing a relationship, it’s about transforming how we as men show up within our relationship.

As we’ve explored in this blog, adopting the principles of conscious masculinity does not just mend a broken bond, it redefines and elevates the very essence of what it means to be a partner. It honors the profound truth that our relationships are mirrors, reflecting not just our actions but our character, our integrity, and our love. 

When we approach our relationships with this level of consciousness and intention, we are not merely ‘fixing’ something broken—we are actively participating in the co-creation of something beautiful, resilient, and deeply fulfilling.

Ready To Answer The Call?

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