How To Practice Male Tantric Masturbation

Welcome to the transformative realm of tantric masturbation, where conscious masculinity and intimacy intertwine. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the depths of tantric self-pleasure, offering insights, techniques, and practices to enhance your personal journey of self-exploration. This article will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to embark on this sacred path of tantric self pleasure.

The Art of Tantric Masturbation: A Path to Conscious Self-Exploration

Greetings! I’m Jasper Brown, a student, men’s coach and explorer of the realms of tantra and sacred sexuality. Having embarked on a profoundly transformative journey, I travelled to India several times to immerse myself in the profound wisdom and practices of tantra. Initiated and guided by experienced teachers and immersed in the rich cultural tradition, I delved into the depths of tantric philosophy, rituals, and the sacred art of conscious sexuality.

In my mid 20s my passion for conscious masculinity and intimacy led me on a path of self-discovery and exploration. Through my travels and studies, I sought to unravel the ancient secrets and transformative potential hidden within the realms of tantra. I became fascinated by the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth, and how these elements intertwine to create a profound and holistic experience of self-expression and connection.

Practicing Tantra in Rishikesh
Me practicing tantric yoga in the jungle above Rishikesh

India, with its vibrant tapestry of traditions, served as the perfect backdrop for my exploration. The land was alive with the echoes of ancient wisdom, and the teachings of tantra resonated deeply within me. I had the privilege of studying under renowned tantric masters, immersing myself in their guidance and absorbing the essence of their teachings.

My experiences in India allowed me to cultivate a deep understanding of the sacred practices and principles of tantra. These teachings along with my own discoveries helped me to cure myself from premature ejaculation and unlock the doorways to ecstatic bliss and a deeply conscious relationship. On my journey I discovered the power of conscious breathwork, mindful self-exploration, and the cultivation and circulation of sexual energy. I witnessed the transformative impact of these practices on individuals, fostering a deeper connection with their bodies, their partners, and the world around them.

Through my writings, I aim to share the knowledge and insights gained from my studies and personal experiences. I aspire to guide others on their own journeys of conscious self-exploration, offering practical techniques, inspiration, and a roadmap to embrace the realms of tantra and sacred sexuality.

Understanding the Essence of Tantric Masturbation

Let’s start with the basics. Tantric masturbation encompasses ancient traditions rooted in the profound belief that sexual energy is a potent force for personal growth and spiritual awakening. It surpasses the realms of ordinary self-pleasure, inviting individuals to embark on a holistic journey of mind, body, and spirit. By consciously cultivating and circulating sexual energy throughout the body, tantric practices offer profound states of pleasure and self-realisation. In this section, we will explore the foundational aspects of tantric masturbation, understanding its core principles and benefits.

Creating a Sacred Space for Self-Exploration

The journey of tantric masturbation begins with creating a sacred space dedicated to your self-pleasure practice. In this section, we will guide you on the art of setting the stage for profound self-exploration. By eliminating distractions and curating an ambiance of tranquillity and sensuality, you can deepen your connection with your body, mind, and spirit. Discover the significance of lighting, music, aromatherapy, and other sensory elements that create an immersive experience for your tantric self-pleasure practice.

As much as possible we want to set aside a specific period of time to focus on this practice, just as we would with a yoga class or meditation. I recommend between 30 minutes to 1 hour. You may however go for as long as you wish. It’s important that we remove all distractions, put our phone on silent and make sure that we will not be disturbed for the duration of our practice time. This will allow you to enter a deeply present space with yourself in which you can truly explore the depth of your pleasure and erotic connection to yourself. Remember, you can think of this as a spiritual practice in and of itself. So treat it as such and create an appropriate space.

How to practice male tantric masturbation

Conscious Breathwork: The Gateway to Tantra

Deep, conscious breathing serves as the gateway to the world of tantra and has triggered much of my own healing. Learning how to engage in mindful breathing exercises that awaken your senses, connect you with your body, and allow sexual energy to flow freely is absolutely essential for any man who truly wants to empower himself and break out of his old patterns. 

By integrating conscious breathwork into your self-pleasure practice, you will enhance your ability to experience heightened states of pleasure and self-awareness. Some of the most intense erotic experiences I’ve had were a direct result of these practices and I still use them on a daily basis, even now after many years of practice. That’s how fundamental and powerful they are. If you want to learn more about unleashing transcendent experiences in this way, check this article.

The importance of breath in this work cannot be overstated. I’ll have a future guide on this topic to ensure you have a full understanding of the implications and also techniques that you can begin working with. This is also something I cover in great depth as a part of The Legendary Lover Course including many guided breathwork exercises. For now start experimenting with using your breath to modulate your arousal. When the pleasure becomes too much, use deep diaphragmatic inhales into the belly to calm yourself down. This type of breath also helps to reduce the tension in your pelvic floor. You can combine this with reverse kegels to keep yourself away from the point of no return.

How to practice semen retention for 30 days

Mindful Self-Exploration: Embracing Sensations and Emotions

Mindful self-exploration lies at the heart of tantric masturbation. Discovering the power of touch, strokes, and caresses that awaken your senses and stimulate various erogenous zones are a total game changer. As men we tend to be less attuned and sensitive than women and can easily find ourselves quite numb to the more subtle, energetic and emotional realms. By immersing yourself in the present moment and embracing every sensation and emotion that arises, you will cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, your pleasure and also that of your partners.

A very simple rule of thumb that I use is no distractions, no porn and taking things very slowly. Try to get into a state of flow where it’s you and your lingam (Sanskrit for the male reproductive organ) and remove all expectations. This should allow you to cultivate a more present and alert state that allows you to enjoy your time with yourself. Experiment with this yourself and you’ll discover many new things starting to arise within your experience.

This skill becomes an invaluable approach for creating deeply intimate and erotic experiences with your lover. It can also help to drastically improve the negative impacts of sexual performance anxiety. Remember, you can only connect to someone else, to the depth with which you’ve explored yourself.

Integrating Meditation and Visualisation: Enhancing Pleasure

Meditation and visualisation are powerful tools that can amplify your tantric self-pleasure experience. There are many techniques to integrate meditation and visualisation into your self pleasure practice. By immersing yourself in serene natural settings or visualising energy flowing harmoniously within, you can focus your mind, deepen your connection with your body, and intensify pleasure. These techniques can also be extremely useful in developing ejaculatory control.


Harnessing the Power of Edging in Tantric Masturbation

In the realm of tantric masturbation, edging emerges as a potent practice with transformative results. By nearing the edge of orgasm but deliberately stopping before climax, we as men can unlock a range of benefits that enhance our self-pleasure practice. Let’s explore the profound effects of edging and orgasm control, while dispelling myths and addressing concerns related to this practice.

Learning how to edge is a valuable skill that applies directly to tantric self-pleasure. Regular practice can help us to develop superior orgasm control for prolonged pleasure. Elevating the overall experience through heightened states of pleasure, edging offers a pathway to explore conscious sexuality and expand the depths of self-awareness and connection with ourselves and with our intimate partner.

Edging can also be an effective tool in treating premature ejaculation by developing control over arousal levels and extending the duration of pleasure. Furthermore, it enables the cultivation of non-ejaculatory orgasms, separating orgasm from ejaculation to experience multi-dimensional pleasure and expand one’s orgasmic potential. Many men mistakenly associate orgasm and ejaculation to be the same thing. But with regular practice and the right approach these functions can be separated and men can learn to enjoy orgasm without losing their energy through ejaculation. By practising safe and mindful edging techniques, individuals can embrace these transformative experiences and free themselves from old patterns and limiting beliefs around their own sexuality. 

As a man who always struggled to control the sexual energy, I found edging to be a great way for developing more control and awareness over the sensations and erotic energy involved. It was a crucial practice that has allowed me to learn and understand semen retention (discussed below). It has offered me huge insights and expanded my capacities to control my sexual energy and I am sure it will do the same for you too.


Sexual Energy Circulation: A Journey Within

Tantric masturbation involves consciously circulating sexual energy throughout your entire being. I know this sounds woo-woo to many of you, and it did for me too when I first began my path. However, these concepts quickly become realities, especially when practised in combination with semen retention. (Read more about my insights from not ejaculating for 30 days here)

Learning techniques to redirect and expand your sexual energy beyond the genitals, allowing it to flow throughout your body is a very potent practice. Visualisations and practices that engage the chakras and energy centres can also be explored, enabling you to experience full-body orgasms and deepen your connection with yourself into the subtle energetic realms. If that’s too much for you now, just be patient and keep an open mind. The practice will reveal what aligns with you and how far you need to explore these aspects of the teachings.

The Ancient Art of Semen Retention: Harnessing the Power Within

Most men unconsciously  squander one of their most precious resources without a second thought. I know I certainly did for most of my life, until I discovered what a waste it was and how drained it was making me feel. When I unlocked this hidden potential within and embarked on the transformative journey through the ancient art of semen retention, everything in my life changed for the better. This profound practice, known for centuries especially in the Eastern traditions, offers a pathway to harnessing inner power and conscious self-mastery. By embracing this practice, guys can tap into a wellspring of energy, vitality, and personal growth that most men on this planet never dreamed of.  

tantric masturbation and semen retention

In the realm of self-exploration and sacred sexuality, semen retention shines as a transformative practice. With its roots in ancient traditions like tantra, Taoism, and Ayurveda, semen retention offers a profound path to personal growth and spiritual development. Known as Brahmacharya in the yogic system, the practitioner is able to retain those precious fluids and offer them towards God (Brahma) through his spiritual aspiration and practices. 

I trained with teachers for many years who had not released their sexual fluids for multiple decades. While this may sound disturbing for many men who are afraid that they will encounter prostate issues or the mother of all blue balls. Such practices can be engaged safely with the correct techniques, but do require a very committed approach to alchemise that sexual energy to stop it becoming stagnant or frustrating.

Personally I prefer a less strict or absolutist approach within my intimate life and practise a conscious release of my sexual energy. I teach that men should find a middle ground between unconscious ejaculation and cultivate their energy to build over multiple weeks or months. The essential aspect being the capacity to listen to your body and experiment gradually to find the sweet spot that works for you and your lover.

As you dive into the world of mindfulness, breathwork, and meditation as powerful tools to harness and transmute sexual energy. You should also explore exercises to strengthen and relax your pelvic floor muscles and develop control over your arousal. It’s also important to engage healthy lifestyle choices and dietary considerations that can support your semen retention journey. 

As a general rule of thumb we want to be exercising regularly, eating clean and healthy food and getting plenty of sunlight and time in nature. The rest is being attuned to your body and it’s energy levels and understanding the effects that ejaculation has on your system and overall mood.


The Art of Semen Retention: Finding the Balance


It’s essential to effectively communicate with your partner about your journey, so they are onboard and supportive towards your efforts to retain your semen. Trust me, if she ain’t onboard it can be very difficult. Women are often very validated by a man releasing his seed and have been programmed to ‘finish’ just as us men have been programmed by pornography to be hyper-focussed on performance. It’s important that you navigate this respectfully and make your partner part of your process. If in doubt seek guidance from intimacy coaches such as myself who can provide you with valuable support and understanding.


When it comes to tantric masturbation and semen retention we can seek to consciously experiment with each practice session we do. It’s enough in the beginning to approach self pleasure consciously with the methods we have discussed already. As you progress you should definitely try to ‘finish’ your sessions without ‘finishing’ and see how the retaining of that energy makes you feel. 

Personally as a man who had a lot of difficulty keeping it in. This practice helped to reprogram my mind to stop associating pleasure and stimulation with ejaculation. I found I had much more appetite for more pleasure and exploration when I didn’t ejaculate so often. The patterns I created in my tantric masturbation sessions served me very well when it came time for intimacy with my lover. As I like to say ‘practice how you play’


The ancient art of semen retention unlocks the gateway to inner power and self-realization. Embrace the benefits, and techniques of this transformative practice and discover what it holds for you. Experience the profound impact it can have on your life, allowing you to tap into a wellspring of energy, vitality, and personal growth. Integrate the principles of semen retention into your daily life and witness the transformative journey towards conscious masculinity, sexuality and self-mastery.


Seeking Support and Further Exploration


Are you ready to deepen your understanding of tantric practices and conscious masculinity? All of the concepts, principles and practices contained in this blog post are laid out within The Legendary Lover online course, and men’s group. The course offers profound insights, practical techniques, and a supportive community, that supports men to dive  into the world of conscious self-pleasure and conscious masculine development while exploring how these qualities can enhance your intimate love relationship.

Tantra men's group in rishikesh india
The Tantric Men’s group I facilitated in Rishikesh


The Legendary Lover Men’s Group is a supportive community of like-minded brothers on the path of conscious masculinity and personal growth. We engage in open discussions, share our experiences, and keep each other accountable to the goal we set for ourselves. Men’s groups provide a safe environment to explore vulnerabilities, receive guidance, and celebrate successes. I’ve had many of our members say that this was one of the most transformational experiences of their life. If you’re looking for a group, you’re in the right place! We’ve got dozens of men who meet on weekly basis to delve deeply into these topics.


Remember; this is a marathon and not a sprint. Many men get into this to figure out how to connect with women better and have more sex. (I know I certainly did) However you’ll quickly discover that this is a path for life. One that leads down a road that will enrich every aspect of your relationships, including the most important one, the relationship to yourself. It will also pave the way for you to cultivate and discover your ultimate life’s purpose that can become your guiding star to living the life of your dreams.


Conclusion: Male Tantric Masturbation


In conclusion, embracing the art of tantric masturbation offers a gateway to profound self-exploration, pleasure, and conscious masculinity. Drawing inspiration from the enlightening teachings of conscious sexuality as well as my own extensive experiences on this path, this guide has provided you with the principles and practices to embark on a transformative journey of self-awareness and connection. By integrating the wisdom of male tantric masturbation, guided practices, and the support offered by resources like The Legendary Lover Online Course and men’s group, you have the tools to deepen your understanding and experience of conscious self-pleasure. 

Embrace the potential within you, honour the sacred path of conscious masculinity, and unlock new dimensions of pleasure and intimacy in your life. The journey awaits you.. All you have to do is take the leap!



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