Is Edging Harmful or Beneficial While Practising Semen Retention?


Today I want to take you on a personal journey of transformation into the practice of edging, which not only cured my premature ejaculation but also opened doors to a deeper, more vibrant love life. I often get questions about edging and any of the potential side effects especially in combination with semen retention. Understandably men get worries about what might happen when their sexual energy levels start to build and how to manage it all without going crazy.

So, fasten your seatbelts, my friends, as I share my story of how edging became my ticket to unlocking a world of pleasure, connection, and conscious masculinity.

What Is Edging And How To Practice It?

Edging is simply the practice men can apply during self pleasure or lovemaking whereby they approach the point of no return (the moment right before ejaculation is triggered) and intentionally keep themselves close to the edge without spilling over.

The intention of the practice is to get used to the stimulation, pleasure and arousal symptoms triggered in the nervous system. Slowly moving up and down the arousal scale like this a man can become much more comfortable with the intense sensations and feeling and thereby gain more awareness and control.

This mindful approach can be very beneficial for men who typically lose control very quickly and want to retrain their mind to relate to pleasure, sex and stimulation in a healthier way.

Often we’ve conditioned ourselves through pornography to let loose pretty quick and edging is a great way to create new neural pathways to develop greater control and freedom with the sexual energy.

Semen retention how to practice

The Side Effects Of Edging

If you are concerned if edging bad for you? Then you must know that it actually depends on an individual’s circumstances. For the most part there aren’t many risks or negatives to edging so long as it’s practiced mindfully.

If your combining edging with semen retention, you may start to experience the dreaded blue balls, but this can easily be combated with the correct exercises such as deep stretching or techniques for transmuting the sexual energy.

Is Edging Bad For Testosterone?


The short answer to this is no. In fact edging practiced with semen retention can be used to enhance the production of testosterone as it amplifies a man sexual virility. Regularly practicing and cultivating your sexual energy in this way is a great way to develop a deeper connection to your body and its primal masculine energy.

A man who has a deep relationship with his primal life force is much more likely to be a beast in the bedroom and know how to utilise that energy in other areas of his life. Women also can sense this energy in a man very easily and often find it a major turn on.

Personally, i’ve noticed much more attraction and interest from women since develop a conscious relationship with my sexual energy with all the techniques and methods I discuss and promote here on my blog.

Is edging harmful while practicing semen retention?

A Transformational Discovery: From Premature Ejaculation to Sensual Mastery

Picture this: a young man filled with enthusiasm and desire, but constantly plagued by the frustration of premature ejaculation. It seemed like every intimate encounter was cut short, leaving me and my partner longing for more. But then, I stumbled upon the practice of edging—an unconventional approach that would forever change the course of my love life.

I can honestly attest that the practice of edging was instrumental in developing the capacity to last longer during lovemaking. Not only did it help me to gain much more ejaculatory control, by helping me learn to regulate my nervous system and overcome my sexual performance anxiety but it also opened the doors into multi-orgasmic non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Redefining Pleasure: Edging as the Key to Mindful Sensuality

Edging wasn’t just about prolonging pleasure; it became a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As I explored the edges of my own desires and boundaries, I discovered a new realm of mindful sensuality. Every touch, every breath, and every sensation became an opportunity to immerse myself fully in the present moment. Edging allowed me to savour the beauty of anticipation, heightening the intensity of pleasure and deepening the connection with my partner.

Mindful edging was the gateway into the realms of male tantric masturbation for me and helped me to cultivate a much more conscious relationship with my sexuality. Obviously this carried over into the intimate experiences I had with my lover. 


Beyond Performance Anxiety: Embracing the Journey of Intimacy

Gone were the days of performance anxiety and the pressure to meet societal expectations. Edging taught me to shift my focus from the end goal to the transformative journey itself. By embracing the full spectrum of pleasure, I could let go of the fear of “not lasting long enough” and instead cultivate a sense of presence, vulnerability, and authentic connection. It was a profound shift that unleashed a whole new level of intimacy and fulfilment in my love life.

The benefits of edging to control the sexual energy

A Newfound Confidence: From Premature Ejaculator to Conscious Lover

Through consistent practice and self-exploration, edging empowered me to reclaim my sexual power and redefine my identity as a lover. No longer defined by my past struggles, I embraced the opportunity to develop emotional intelligence, cultivate deeper connections, and express my authentic self. Edging became my tool for conscious masculinity, allowing me to navigate the realms of pleasure with confidence, passion, and an unwavering commitment to honoring both myself and my partner.

Guided by the Legendary Lover: Unleashing Your Sensual Potential

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of transformation? Let me introduce you to the Legendary Lover online course and men’s group—a game-changer that took my edging practice to new heights. This transformative program is designed to empower you to embody conscious masculinity, unlock your sensual potential, and become the lover you’ve always aspired to be. Prepare yourself for practical techniques, intimate discussions, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who are on the same path of awakening.


As I reflect on my personal journey of embracing edging, I am filled with gratitude for the profound impact it has had on my love life. From overcoming premature ejaculation to developing a deeper and more vibrant connection with my partner, edging has truly been a catalyst for transformation. So, my fellow seekers, I invite you to embrace this practice with an open mind and an adventurous spirit. Find your intimacy coach to let edging become your gateway to sensual mastery, conscious masculinity, and a love life that knows no bounds. Get ready to create a story of your own, one that is filled with pleasure

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