Warning! Successful people value their time. Therefore, we do not reschedule!

I would never ask myself to work with anyone who does not feel the same level of honor & commitment.

I look forward to speaking with you during your scheduled appointment time! If for any reason, something comes up and you can’t make it – message me on FB or IG and let me know.
Just don’t be one of those people that books a call and then doesn’t show up. You’ll lose the only real opportunity to actually fix your wang problems for good. Your woman probably won’t be too happy about that. I want to be respectful of your time and mine, so if there’s a last minute emergency but you’re serious about your growth – no problem. I can help you work around it. But don’t make lame excuses.

You got this far – now follow through on your decision, and become the Man you know deep in your heart you deserve to be. Please be in a quiet spot where we can speak about your challenges and goals. I will not take calls where you’re on the go or can’t devote your full attention. This is important, so please treat it that way. You booked this call for a reason. If you feel we’re a good fit and that I can help you, please be ready to come on board. I will answer any and all questions you may have.


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First – I’ve received your booking and your application and are reviewing it now. I’ll message you beforehand to check in with you briefly, and please open the zoom meeting at the EXACT time you booked in for…

Second – Make sure you’ve set aside 10-15 minutes to watch the videos below and also are in a quiet room with NO distractions at the time of your call (with something to take notes with close by)!



Each man is different and it depends on the severity of your problem as well as other biological factors connected to your anatomy, lifestyle, exercise regime. It also depends on how consistently you apply what I teach in the course. Some guys see results right away and others take weeks or months to break through. One thing is for sure. If you follow the program and don’t give up, you will see results and eventually break through.

Don’t stress, this is the perfect time to confront the issue, so you can overcome the problem before you jump into something new. Once you start to see results your anxiety will subside and you’ll start feeling much more confident in your abilities as well as in yourself as a man.

The vast majority of methods out there are band-aid solutions that only treat the symptoms of the issue and never get to the root cause. After years of study and practice, I discovered the ultimate underlying issues that create these problems and used them to cure myself. Since then these methods have been validated by hundreds of men to last longer and open up incredible doorways into deeper intimacy and lovemaking. This was one of the biggest shifts in my life and I’m dedicated to helping as many men as possible to make the same incredible leap into long-lasting-lovemaking.

There is no nudity or anything explicit demonstrated by me specifically. I do recommend certain intimate/erotic practices for you to apply in your own life or relationship as it can be useful to put these things into practice. The whole goal is helping you to gain more awareness, control and stamina in connection with your sexual energy. I will point you towards things that worked for me, but how you choose to do it, is totally up to you.


We will meet weekly over zoom for 1-1.5 hours. I’ll send you videos and written materials to study and apply. One of the main goals of the program is to help you build a ‘daily routine’ to start solving your issue. This should be a minimum of 30 mins a day for you to make some meaningful progress. I will also teach you things that you can weave into your daily activities that will allow you to make progress while you’re working, taking care of family life or driving etc. I will help you to find creative ways to apply the things that I teach according to your schedule. However, the more time and attention you put towards the techniques will of course accelerate your progress.



I will make every effort necessary for you to achieve the results we have discussed. However, I cannot do the work for you. Your results will come as a reward for the efforts and dedication you put towards this. Some guys will see results right away and others will take time to appear. One thing is certain, if you do the right things for long enough, you will make major improvements in your experiences of pleasure and lovemaking. Your own experience and results will vary greatly depending on your own choices, work ethic, ability to follow instructions, take constructive criticism and dedicate yourself to becoming an amazing lover. Myself and many other men have made the leap from lousy to legendary. My aim is to add your name to that list, your choice is to decide if you want to get there.



Every client is personally coached by me and I’ll be with you throughout your academy journey. This allows me to provide you with customized coaching and make sure you get the most from my program. No, I won’t do the work for you, but having my support will be vital to your success. We’ll meet every week on zoom 1:1 in addition to the training videos you’ll have access to in the Academy.


Every member of the Awakened Eros Academy will have access to my personal WhatsApp 7 days a week where you can ask me your questions directly. If you're struggling with a specific strategy and the Academy training isn’t enough to help you get the answer, this feature is there to make your life easier. You can send me a voice note, video, or text - and I’ll answer your question within 24 hours. No more frustration trying (and failing) to find the answer on YouTube or Google!


Imagine having access to all of the knowledge available on fixing ED, overcoming PE, lasting for hours in bed, mastering the principles of tantra, a deep dive on how to make your woman more feminine, and becoming a multi-orgasmic man! When you join the Awakened Eros Academy, you'll have access to an entire archive of knowledge in the video library. This aspect of our program is priceless. It would normally cost you tens of thousands to discover all of these secrets on your own. You have access to all of them at no additional charge!


At Awakened Eros, I believe so strongly that what I teach yields results. I not only stand behind it with a guarantee, but I also add extended coaching to it. That means, if you come into my program, take action consistently, and do everything I instruct you to do - you WILL get results. If you aren’t able to last at least twice as long as you did when you came in, I’ll continue working with you at no additional cost until you’re able to last 3x longer than before.You can send me a voice note, video, or text - and I’ll answer your question within 24 hours. No more frustration trying (and failing) to find the answer on YouTube or Google!


Do you ever get frustrated not knowing what to say or do during sex? You know, the dirty talk, the positions, how much is too much, is she comfortable if I do this, etc. It's overwhelming for some men and that's why I have an entire section of the Academy dedicated to masculine and feminine polarity. No more guesswork or wondering what’s allowed and what’s a no-go. Once you learn the principles of masculine and feminine polarity - you’ll know EXACTLY what arouses her as well as WHY she gets turned on by this. You’ll know exactly how to be polarizing masculine without any fears, worries, or inhibitions. If you want her to worship you in the bedroom - this is the key.


No, it's not just another group. This is a tight knit community where you're surrounded with brothers on the same journey as you. Our members support each other and grow together. What's unique about this community is only ACTIVE members of the academy get to participate. That ensures that everyone in the group is in the same place with their growth and development.until you’re able to last 3x longer than before.You can send me a voice note, video, or text - and I’ll answer your question within 24 hours. No more frustration trying (and failing) to find the answer on YouTube or Google!

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